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Welcome to KleckFiles.com. This website will run on a local PC, Mac, USB drive & devices with filesystems. It requires no special software except a modern HTML5 web browser.

The HTML based software, media and KJV+ bible tools are free to download, copy & share. The KJV+ is a non-copyright version same text as e-sword. Downloading ensures this information remains uncensored.

Jonathan Kleck

The video testimonies and radio shows are property of Jonathan Kleck ministries. We have no affiliation with this ministry. We do not profit from his work (quite the opposite). In several videos Jonathan invites subscribers to download and preserve his work.

☆ Web site: www.show-notes.info
☆ Old site: www.jonathankleck.com
☆ Youtube 1: TheJonathankleck (channel permanently taken down by YouTube 15th-June-2021)
☆ Youtube 2: backup channel
☆ Also: Cory's Channel | Brighteon | Bitchute | Odysee | Internet Archive


If you need help or have useful feedback (re KleckFiles.com site) please email:

☆ Email: info@kleckfiles.com

Change Notes

Kleck Files - Overview

Revision of local site:
Revision on website:
News: 26th April 2020
Full video collection now exceeds the capacity of a 250 GB USB Drive. I've found the "Samsung 500GB T5" (fast USB 3.1 SSD) is good at under $150.

The HTML navigation system you see on www.KleckFiles.com can be downloaded and run on any PC/Mac hard-drive or USB 3.x Flash drive, and shared with others.

The navigation interface is simple HTML & JavaScript (.html/.js), viewable in any HTML5 Web Browser. Recommended browsers: Google Chrome / Apple Safari / Fire Fox / Microsoft IE or Edge. Mobile devices can also view the web site.

The site is designed to work 'online' or fully (or parially) downloaded 'offline' (on a PC or Mac with no Internet). The full download will run on a USB 3.x Flashdrive with about 300 GB of space.

Note: .mp4 Video file names - All start with the reverse publish date + title of the youtube video. Illegal file name characters (like *:\#%) have been removed or replaced. A file name such as “190706-02 IMG 0332.mp4” means the YouTube video was originally published on 2019, July, 6th (19 07 06) Texas time (publisher location). The -02 indicates it was the 2nd video file published on that date.

When to Update?

The Kleck Files navigation system (a couple of .html & .js files) is free and takes a few seconds to download. You don't need .mp4 video files to view the navigation system.

Once downloaded open 'index.html' file in your browser. You will see a big list of all available .mp4 video testimonies, DVDs & Play Lists. Download the Kleck video Files using recommened filenames and locations, and you have yourself a video juke box you can copy & share with others. Check your viewer version No. against the version on the web site displayed above as 'Revision on website:'. If they don't match it's time to download a new set of navigation files (.html / .js files). You can also check for new 2021 .mp4 video files simply by observing which 2021 videos do not show when played. If it can't play locally, then either you don't have the video, or you downloaded to the wrong folder or file name. So downloading missing videos is simple.

Note #1: Browsers like Google Chrome can hang onto old file content - Delete your browsers 'cache files' to view latest changes on the web site (if you suspect it's not updating. We update regularly). Or try using another browser.

Local Setup

How to get Kleck Files onto your PC or Mac. Also works on devices & iPads with accessable file systems.

Step 1 Download & Unzip KleckFiles.zip (4MB) from www.kleckfiles.com/download/ or site 2 /download/ folder.
Once unzipped open index.html in your browser. Videos & radio media files are not included in the zip.
Media will play from the web by default. Please downoad the \videos\ & \radio\ folders to run fully offline (with no internet).

Step 2 Already downloaded some videos (.mp4 files) & radio shows (.mp3 files)?
Copy these into the unzipped empty /video/ & /radio/ folders.

Step 3 Optionally download videos & radio shows (videos one-by-one).
Media files total around 300GB. The Kleck Files folder structure is shown below.
Note: Put 'KleckFiles' base folder in the root of your disc to reduce total path length (video filenames can be long).

📂 KleckFiles
┠ 📂 html
┠ 📂 kjv
┠ 📂 radio
┃ ┠ 📂 2016
┃ ┕ 📂 2017
┕ 📂 video
┠ 📂 Be4TheFire
┠ 📂 JustaMessenger
┠ 📂 3rdParty
┠ 📂 2010
┠ 📂 2011
┠ 📂 2012
┠ 📂 2013
┠ 📂 2014
┠ 📂 2015
┠ 📂 2016
┠ 📂 2017
┠ 📂 2018
┠ 📂 2019
┠ 📂 2020
┕ 📂 2021

How to Download

Whenever you see a new version available (displayed top-right of the Kleck Files window) just grab the latest KleckFiles.zip files from download/index.html. Unzip the folder & files to your device. Copy any existing video downloads to the /videos/ folder. And you are up-to-date.

Open 'index.html' in your web browser. When you play local video files you will quickly discover which videos are missing locally (they wont display). Download any missing video files (or play off say YouTube if available).

Different ways to download Kleck Files: See also memes.kleckfiles.com & site.kleckfiles.com

Amazon S3 Server downloads

To download the latest files from Amazon S3 site, first open the online version of this file:


Click on the file links below (or right-click) to download the files you want.

Note: The Kleck video files all begin with a unique date / folder code. Download to a common folder and sort into the correct Kleck folders later if it helps.

If you downloaded KleckFiles.zip (above) then you already have these base files. Scroll down to download the videos on-by-one.

📂 kleck

📂 kleck\html

📂 kleck\kjv

Video Filter: Full List - Click to toggle filter

Bible Tools

The Bible Tools page is available via themenu of the main Index page

The KJV+ (King James Bible with Strongs Concordance) are non-copyright. They provide free interactive bible tools that function online or offline (without the Internet). Thank you BibleHub.com for supplying digital versions of KJV+ & Strongs. Thank you also to E-Sword, we found everyones KJV+Strongs text was slightly different so standardized on E-Sword format.

Version information (displayed top-right corner of the screen) tells you if your files are up-to-date. Runs on a local PC or USB drive like the other KleckFiles. Just a HTML5 browser required to view. Strongs websites such as BibleHub.com are much better, but then they require an Internet connection. Use the link to BibleHub.com (bottom of Strongs dialog) to lookup extra detail.

Help Tips

Change Notes

Radio Player

The radio.html HTML file is a light-weight HTML5 audio/video player for playing Kleck Files media.

Radio 1 - This requires the Internet. Jonathan Kleck produced Blog Talk radio shows (2014-2017). This station streams a bunch of old radio shows 24/7. You can't rewind or ffwd. You can't see which show is playing but it's fun knowing we are all listening to the same thing & you don't need to download .mp3 show files.
Home page: www.pureshelterofpeace.com -- Thank you ARC team Texas for Radio 1.

Radio 2 - This does not required the internet. Download the /radio/ folder and /radio/2016/ and /radio/2017/ folders of .mp3 show files (3GB total of 32 kbps stereo .mp3). Or optionally download the original /radio/HD/ version (12GB total of 128 kbps stereo .mp3). Same files but bigger. Music may sound better. Click [Ch] button for Chapter jump list.
"Group Play" is optional -- listen in sync with others, or play other .mp3 show files.

Audio - (optional) Plays 64kbps .mp3 audio versions of the Kleck video files. To listen to audio files, download \video_mp3\ folder.

Video - (optional) Plays .mp4 Kleck video files (same as KleckFiles.com). If you have downloaded some of the \video\ folder, then you are good to watch videos offline in the radio.html page, or in the Kleck Files home page, or use your own video player.

Help Tips

Change Notes


Text transcriptions of recordings

Scribe.html is available via themenu of the main Index page.
Web link: www.kleckfiles.com/scribe.html
Machine-converting an audio recording to text is easy. Proofing and correcting takes time. Email if you can help. See active list below.

Transcriptions are listed below on this page. Active transcriptions can also be found by searching for @T in index.html home page: index.html?1&@t

More Info

USB Flash Drive Guidelines

Speed: USB 3.x Flash dives are best for video. USB 1 & 2 will work but slow for large video files.
Capacity: The full collection now exceeds 250GB drives.
Recommend: Samsung 500GB T5 (USB 3.1 fast SSD) is great value. Consider splitting the videos over 2x 256GB USB drives (duplicate base files).
Format as 'ExFAT' or 'FAT32' for best compatability between PC & Mac. FAT32 has a file limit of 4GB and partition limit of 8TB. OK for our needs. ExFAT is more modern with no limits.

Help Tips

Project Objective

The objective was to create a simple HTML system that could be easily copied to a cheap USB stick, so that Kleck Friends could leave behind the truth for their family and friends. And for the price of a USB stick we can copy and share the data with others (we assume when the bride leaves, all truth material will be stripped from the Internet).

Project Costs - Amazon Hosting

It's appropriate we talk about costs.

I serve the King freely. However, some things are beyond my scope. Here's the deal...

According to Amazon S3 Server Pricing hosting a web site with 220 GB of .mp4 videos is relatively cheap. The sting is potentially in the downloads. Amazon S3 download cost is around $0.114 per GB. So if a member downloaded 220 GB of data (the entire Kleck video collection), it would cost me USD$25. $100 a month I can cope with. But worst case, if many angels wanted to download the entire catalogue it would empty the family bank account. You can see my concern.

So I need to monitor downloads carefully. If daily costs are too much I need to cut the pipe to the .mp4 data.

Solution #1 - Ask for a copy of the USB stick

Cheapest solution is ask in the Kleck Communities - Can someone make a copy of the USB stick for you. Email me as well.

Solution #2 - Download from YouTube yourself

Get Firefox browser on the PC/Mac. Install a few YouTube Download Extensions (one is bound to work, but many don't). Then systematically download each video to the recommended name and folder.

Solution #3 - Download from Google Drive

Looking like the cheapest approach. We pay a low fee for space on Google Drive with unlimited free downloads. The following link will take you there:

Please spread the word.


Solution #4 - Donate if you can afford it, to cover cost of downloads from KleckFiles.com

You get fast downloads, with correct file names, from Amazon Servers + We pay our Amazon bills. A win-win.

If you are able to donate please send a donation to the following PayPal address. ALL donations go towards running www.KleckFiles.com. Suggest you download before making a donation. Suggest USD$10 or more.


Worst Case Scinario

If the site gets too costly I can disconnect .mp4 video downloads and direct people to the cheaper Google Drive.

Timeline - Key Dates

Date/Times are Texas time. Please let me know if I've made any mistakes. These are my own notes / noodling.