KleckFiles - Downloads

1. Get KleckFiles Site

This KleckFiles site install is the same as www.kleckfiles.com (without large media files). Install using Windows Setup or ZIP File. Once installed open index.html in a web browser.

Problems? Try opening KleckFiles in a different web browser.
Clear your browser cache? May clear errors. The local cache can hang onto a previous file install. See Local Setup help.

2. Get KleckFiles Media

Download video, audio & shownotes media. KleckFiles site (see section 1) looks for media in a root folder named \KleckFiles.media\ on the site drive (or plays online media).

Example: Downloaded server file "/video/2023/some_video.mp4" to local root folder "/KleckFiles.media/video/2023/some_video.mp4" (maintaining same names so KleckFiles Site can locate file). See Local Setup help.

More Downloads

Get the KleckFiles and One Bible mobile apps (thank you Erza!). Download an expanded Strongs Concordance and the One Bible site.


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