KleckFiles - Downloads

1. Get KleckFiles Site

This KleckFiles site download is the same as www.kleckfiles.com (but without the large media files). Open index.html with your web browser to view KleckFiles & KJV+ bible.

Problems? Try opening KleckFiles in a different web browser.
Clear your browser cache? May clear errors. The local cache can hang onto a previous file install. See Local Setup help.

2. Get KleckFiles Media

Download kleck video, audio & shownotes images for local play. The "Site" looks for media in a root folder named \KleckFiles.media\ (on the same drive as the Site). Choose a download server:

Note: Downloaded media files to the same /video/ folder structure (as on the download server), /KleckFiles.media/video/ so that the KleckFiles Site can find them. See Local Setup help.

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